Monday, August 10, 2015

A Teacher's Conundrum - Google Voice to the Rescue

Beth Basham is a 4th grade teacher at Griffith Elementary School in Dunlap, TN. She had a problem when school started this year. She received her class roster and needed to call the parents of her new students. She wanted to use her cell phone to make the phone calls from her classroom. HOWEVER, in light of the wise council she'd just received in a school-wide legal training seminar, Beth was understandably reluctant.  D. Scott Bennett was very clear when he advised, "Don't give out your personal cell phone number to students or parents!" What was she to do?

She tried Google Voice and it worked beautifully!

Beth created a free Google Voice number which is uniquely hers.  Now she has one number tied to her classroom. Beth can use her personal cell phone to make calls THROUGH the Google Voice number. The people she calls, or anyone who calls her new number, will NEVER see her personal cell number  - even though she’s talking on her cell phone. How cool is that?!

Beth can choose to have the Google Voice number forward to her cellphone or just go straight to her new Google Voice mail message center. All voice mail messages are "automagically" transcribed and she gets a notice via email or text. They will never interrupt her class time or personal life.

Beth made this note in her technology PD log, “It works. I called a parent. Parent called to check on the missed call. Voicemail kicked in. I returned the call. Made contact. SUPER COOL! : )”

The next morning, she also discovered, “Google Voice app is logging all my calls” so she has a record of every ingoing and outgoing call.

Beth can also send and receive texts via the Google Voice number using her phone, i-pad or any computer. Google Voice will NOT send or receive pictures so she doesn’t have to worry about any of the scary scenarios described by Mr. Bennett in the training seminar.

Want to know more?  Check out the Google Voice website, my Google Voice Pinterest Board, or this Google Voice slide show.

BTW, Beth’s new Google Voice number is 423-939-9876.  Go ahead and call or text her if you have questions. Remember, she has the power to block your number if she does not wish to communicate with you. 

Let me know if you need help or have questions. I’m just a Google Voice call or text away!

Doug Eaton
615-763-5387 (google voice #)
If you already have my cell #, that’s fine, but please don’t give it to students :-)

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